A Plague on.....Just our one House.

Well, here we are, still camped out in our hotel room. Mr. J. now knows the guy who works the continental breakfast by name, happily greets him with a high-five every morning, and I think is starting to assume that Big J (for privacy) is part of our family now.

We have/had gotten ourselves into a pretty good routine, despite being almost literally on top of each other. Mr. I. would get up around 6 or 6:30 and be out the door by 6:20 or 6:50, depending on whether it was a PT (work-out) day or not. I would get up at 6:50, check my e-mail and wake up a bit, and then get the kids up and out the door for breakfast by 7:30. Then on to the gym for us for awhile before running errands on base and eat lunch, then back to the hotel to kill the rest of the afternoon either playing, swimming, doing laundry, or some combination thereof.

Then it happened. The plague. Yesterday morning Mr. J. woke up with the nastiest looking goopy eye I've seen in a long time. We've been having rough nights lately, lots of snoring, lots of waking up talking, and lots of general grumpiness. So I knew he was having some congestion issues. But, as usual, I had no idea to what extent until we went to see the nurse practitioner yesterday. The pinkeye was just that, but viral. Which means there's really not much you can do for it except wait it out. Oh...and he was already highly contagious. Great. We also determined that he's got some bronchitis. So he's on antibiotics, as well.

So this explains a lot of the behavior issues lately, I suppose. Ok, we can deal with that. Well, then Mr. I. came home from work yesterday complaining that he didn't feel well. Given that he starts to whimper if he gets a hangnail, I didn't think much of it. Until later that night, when he asked me to feel his forehead and he was hotter even than normal! So added to our already sick toddler, I now also had a sick husband on my hands, too. At least he is a big boy about taking care of himself when needed. Unfortunately, this meant that the a/c in our room was down to 70 by the middle of the night. And then Mr. I. was trying to steal all the covers from me, as well!

Suffice it to say, I am hoping that Miss S. and I both skip out on this wonderfulness. She seems ok so far, and I don't have any signs of anything being wrong, aside from feeling really run down. Which I attribute to crappy sleep lately.

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