Flip Flop

For most of the last year, we have been dealing with what I have been referring to as the Tyrannical Threes. Island Boy was as three as he could be. And I am now mostly convinced that the "terrible twos" are the biggest fallacy in parenting lore. Three is MUCH worse.

Or so I had convinced myself.

Then Island Girl came along and started her terrible twos at, oh, about 21 months. She's always had a flair for the dramatic, but this is drama to the nth degree, lately! Tell her no? Screaming fit. Don't understand what she's saying? Screaming fit. Don't give her exactly the same thing her brother is having? Screaming fit. You get the picture. We've taken to referring to her as Linda Blair. She has the Exorcist impression down perfectly.

The thing is, we've been so busy dealing with her lately that, until today, we realized that Island Boy's Tyrannical threes are winding down and becoming much more manageable! The attitude is dying down a little, as is the blatant disregard for any type of orders. The biggest issue is the dawdling. And, to be fair, that is my pay-back for everything I did to my own parents as a kid. I could stall and get distracted with the best of them. Oh - and his desire to pinball off of every piece of furniture we own.

So, with second and fourth birthdays quickly approaching, it would seem that Island Girl is taking over the "difficult" role, while Island Boy is finally mellowing out.

I can't even imagine what Island Baby will add to all of this when he is able to get into the thick of things.