Before we left North Dakota

Before we left North Dakota, Miss S. was not yet straightening her legs to "stand" (of course, we support her, as she is but 3 months old). By the time we left Pennsylvania, just 2 weeks later, she could do this, and do it well. The girl is solid muscle!

Before we left North Dakota, Mr. J. was not using "I" instead of "[Mr. J.]" or "You" to refer to himself. Yesterday, he told me "... and maybe I like Grandpa." He has used "I" several times today, as well.

Before we left North Dakota, Miss. S. was smiley, and would occasionally coo at us, but hadn't yet truly found her voice. Now, she will shriek with glee at the top of her lungs, because she knows that SHE is the one making all the noise!

Before we left North Dakota, Mr. J. did not really know many of his family members beyond his grandparents. Now, he can request, by name, both uncles, any number of surrogate aunts, and tell you what he likes to do with each one.

Before we left North Dakota, my kids were a just-past-newborn and a budding two-year-old. Now, they are a full-fledged baby and a Big Boy.

I can hardly wrap my mind around how much they have both already changed in just 2 weeks.

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