Just Keep Swimming!

We have been busy getting settled in over the past few days.

In just a week we have purchased new phones (review coming in a month, per a couple of requests), we have purchased a new-to-us minivan (yikes...can you say "soccer mom"?), and even managed to explore our surroundings in there somewhere!

Our trip to look at/purchase/pick-up the new van took us further south on the island (toward the Naval Base, as we were purchasing from a Navy family). The family we purchased it from lived off base, and in a development back in the mountains. Our drive back to their home took us past some breathtaking views. And had we known this would be the case, we surely would have taken a camera and some pictures. However, we did not, and so will make sure to go back sometime and take those pictures!

Today found us trekking back past the Air Force Base (not on base) to a beach that one of our friends had told us about (said friend and her children went along, as well, otherwise we would never have been able to find our way there)! It was off the beaten path a bit, down on part of a wildlife preserve. The drive there allowed us to see some of the biggest potholes I've ever seen. These were something I think we were hoping to get away from on Guam, but no such luck for us.

The beach had gorgeous white sand, and the cliched sparkling turquoise blue water that was protected, as are many beaches on the island, by a coral reef a couple of hundred feet out. It was a great place for three little boys, their parents, and one baby sister to play.

Miss S. seems to enjoy the water about as much as Mr. J. did at her age. Kind of a "this is weird...." look on her face, but definitely not screaming. I'm not sure she's such a fan of the sand, however. Today she accidentally (of course) stuck her hand in the sand and then slapped herself in the face with the same hand, resulting in sand in the mouth and one eye. Add that to already being tired and that equals out to one crabby baby. But we got her cleaned up and out, and she's fine now, no worse for the wear.

Mr. J. continues to prove that he should be part fish. He is completely (and a little terrifyingly for us parent-types) unafraid of the water. We're working to teach him how to blow bubbles and kick his legs, and he is getting it slowly but surely. The kids and I spend at least part of every day down at the pool(s) at our resort. They have a "splash" pool that seems tailor-made for our situation. It is not even a foot-deep, and warm water, so Mr. J. can play without threat of harm, and Miss S. and I can sit and watch him play without having to worry about him.

We are all adjusting swimmingly (pun completely intended), and learning to love it here!

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