Terrible Twos

In part because of the move, partly because we're all living in one room on top of one another, but also just because of the age, we have been dealing with the insanity that comes along with the terrible-twos.

There are days when I feel like I am absolutely at my wit's end with Mr. J. He tries to negotiate his way around everything we ask him to do. Perhaps we have not been firm enough on follow-through with threats to take things away. On our part, we're working on that. But this kid....oy!! The other night he lost dessert (and, in fact, had to leave the restaurant early while Mr. I. finished the dessert) because he was throwing his spoon. To his credit, he tries to communicate what the problem is. But what do you do, as a parent, when he says "[Mr. J.] hold the spoon!" And then you give it to him and he chucks it at you?

Today, he and  were both really hoping to go to the pool, as we have not been in  a few days (a true introduction to "rainy season" has kind of prevented it). But.... when it came time to get ready, he refused to cooperate so I could get his bathing suit on. He would come over to get dressed, but then lay down and say "sleep!" or roll all over the bed, or just refuse to come over in the first place. After about 20 minutes of this, I finally gave up, told him he had to the count of three to cooperate, or we were going to miss out on the pool. He opted not to cooperate, so he is now having quiet time, Miss S. is napping, and here I am!

These are our only two recent success stories. More days than not, however, I feel defeated, mentally exhausted,  and like a failing mom. It's not a good feeling.

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  1. You're not failing as a mom. These two year olds have a way of testing your patience. I think the psychology background has totally screwed me too. Everything that happens, I wonder if it is permanentely damaging in some way. We have been lacking in follow through also and I think Charlotte has caught on :| Just the other day we were at BRU and she wanted out of the stroller, we told her no but she climbed out anyway, ran over and grabbed a ball. I told her to put it back and she yelled "mine!" and ran away. I had to struggle to get it away from her. I set her down to talk to her and she tried to hit me so we ended up sitting in the car while Jeff finished the shopping with the twin. Anyway, I feel you! Just try to be consistant and this too shall pass :)