Growing up, I lived in the same house for the better part of my first 22 years. Neighbors rarely moved out, and new ones rarely moved in. Because of this, I did not have cause (or desire) to make new friends very often while growing up. I didn't want to, either. I am still very close with most of my childhood friends.

While I have no doubt that Mr. J. and Miss S. will learn how to make friends quickly and easily at each of our assignments, it does make me a bit sad that they quite possibly will not know the joy of having a friend from childhood on.

It is so completely wonderful to have a friend who knows all the history, who is like a sibling (and whose parents are like a second set to you). One who has to keep your secrets because you know too many of theirs. A friend to go on family vacations with you. Or whom you can call when your heart has been broken, whether for the first or twenty-first time (because this friend will always know the exact right thing to say or not to say).

I am thankful that my children are growing up in an age where technology will allow them to easily keep in touch with friends. But I don't think that this can replace playing in the backyard whether sunny or snowy, or hanging out at the local pool on the warmest days, summer after summer. I hope that my children can find such a bond with someone in their childhood.

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