Names have been Changed

As you know, I do not use our real names. This is for several reasons, all of which basically come down to the fact that it's just safer for us and especially for the kids if our personal info isn't right out there for everyone in the world to see and/or (God forbid!!) use.

That said, it was brought to my attention that the initial pseudonyms I used might be confusing.
From here on out:
Mr. J. will now be Island Boy
Miss S. will now be Island Girl
Mr. I. will now be Island Dad
and I will now be Island Mom


  1. I love the new names! Gilligan's Island theme for Halloween perhaps?

  2. Haha! Perhaps... Island Dad and I could be Thurston and Lovey Howell, Island Boy could, of course be Gilligab (if I can get him to keep a hat on), and Island Girl could be Mary Ann! This has potential, I think!!