Pancake Sundays

Now that we are moved in and fairly settled here on the Island, I have instituted "Pancake Sundays." I am hoping this will become a family tradition for us, and give us a chance to sit down and enjoy a "real" breakfast all together once a week. Except this week. Island Dad was busy power washing the roof this morning. But as a general rule, Sundays are the one day breakfast is a family meal for us.

So we began this week! Rather than kick off a new tradition with plain pancakes, I wanted something a bit more fun. I went with "Chunky Monkey" pancakes. In following weeks, I will post pictures, but as I am posting from my phone still, I am not able to share one this week.

6 Tbsp. mashed ripe bananas*
2 c. Bisquick mix
1 c. milk
3/4 c. mini chocolate chips

In a medium bowl, combine the first three ingredients. Stir until the dry mix is well-incorporated. Stir in mini-chips.
Cook as directed on the Bisquick box.

*Note that the banana serves as an egg substitute as well as flavoring. DO NOT ADD the eggs directed on the box.

These were a huge hit with the whole family (well, all but Island Girl - She's still too little). Island Boy, in particular, devoured three of them very quickly! They are dense pancakes, so even Island Dad and I only had four each!

As we move forward with Pancake Sundays, I will be looking for some more "fun" recipes. Please feel free to share your favorites!!

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