Mapping it all Out

Before we moved here, we were warned that the streets are notoriously badly marked, and that navigation tends to be land-mark based. Once we arrived here, we learned that not only is this very true, but that street names change relatively frequently.

Because of this, Island Dad and I have had to develop our map-making skills fairly quickly. Not to get our friends to our house, but to get people like the cable guy, the power company, water authority, etc. to our house.

Mind you, I'm not the least bit upset by this. It actually saves a good deal of hassle, and in my opinion, places on the mainland would do well to ask this of customers, as well. All of the above mentioned places have a space on their forms for a house description (including a "check yes or no" for whether your house number is displayed or not), and then a big blank space for your map! As someone who kind of enjoys filling out forms (I know I'm a freak), I like that I also get to hone my artistic and cartography skills at the same time!


  1. Can you photos of hand-drawn maps!

  2. Now that I have a computer with working internet, I will post a photo once Island Dad brings the "keeper" home from the office. Normally, you would just have one that you keep with you for such occasions. I had forgotten that day.