A Pretty Perfect Day

This morning, we packed up and headed down Island to meet a group of friends/Island Dad's co-workers for a day at the beach to include some snorkeling (for me) and SCUBA diving (for Island Dad).

Given Island Boy's recent distaste for large bodies of water, we were unsure of how exactly it would go.

Regardless, we headed out.  Once our entire party arrived, we decided that the mommies and the other snorkelers (I was the only person who fell into both categories) would go out first, and the daddies would stay back with the kids. So I put on my snorkel, mask, booties, and flippers, and headed out with my snorkeling buddies (two of Island Dad's co-workers).

As usual, the snorkeling was fantastic. We were out for the better part of an hour, swimming across the reef and back. It must have been cleaning day on the reef, as we saw several bluestreak cleaner wrasse taking care of other fish. We also saw several feeding frenzies of large schools of fish cleaning the coral. And along with that, came the familiar clicking sound that the fish make when they're feeding off of the gunk growing on the reef. I got to see a pretty good-sized clam close up right below me, and spotted a sea urchin on our way back to shore. I also spotted several anemones with clown fish in them. It was fantastic when I got to go back and tell Island Boy that I saw Nemo!

Island Dad informed me, upon my return to our pavilion, that both kids did pretty well in my absence (Island Girl was actually sleeping in her stroller when I got back). Island Boy was looking a little withered when I got back, but once we got some food burger and chips into him, he perked up a bit.

We all enjoyed brats, hamburgers, and assorted varieties of chips, and then it was the daddies turn to go dive while the moms stayed back.

By this time, Island Boy was getting more into the other kids, and had gotten some energy back. So we went over to the beach. At first, neither one of the Island Kids wanted to actually go in the water. Island Boy was content to pick up sand and rocks and throw them into the water (but at least he wasn't screaming and crying!), and when I tried to put Island Girl's toes in the water, she fussed. So, I let them do their things. Then Island Boy decided he wanted to play with the other kids, and all of a sudden it was like he remembered his love affair with all things aquatic again! He was dunking his head under water, blowing bubbles, and chasing the other (bigger) kids out further than he'll go when it's just us. And when I finally sat down in the water with her on my lap, Island Girl decided that it was actually quite fun to kick and splash the water.

We were worried about the weather too, since it's rainy season here. And while we did have a few brief showers here and there, the weather really couldn't have been more perfect. When it wasn't raining, the sun was out and there was blue sky all around. The rain kept the humidity and extreme heat at bay. And it also enhanced the already moist, jungle-ish smell around the area.

All in all, it really was a pretty perfect day!


  1. That sounds idyllic. Let's see - we just went out to grab some bagels for breakfast - and it was 42*. Shivers.
    I've only been snorkeling twice (and one of those times was in Belize in choppy water while in the midst of pregnancy morning sickness) but it is so much fun!

  2. WOW, what an amazing adventure! You might have to invest in an underwater camera to capture all the beauty! I can't even imagine...You are truly living what movies are made of. :)

  3. Sounds like a great day! I agree with the underwater camera. I want to see some pictures, especially of Nemo!

  4. We are looking into an underwater camera, but I want to wait until I'm SCUBA certified, first. Kind of an incentive for me, lol!

  5. Being SCUBA certified sounds so neat - and so un-doable for me! One person I know has the certification, and he goes out every chance he gets. But here where the weather has swung into late autumn with a vengeance, not much chance of that. Interesting how Island Boy and Island Girl reacted to the water, and how they remembered the fun so well in the end. They (and you) are really lucky to have had these kinds of opportunities.