Hats of a Mom

Today as I was enforcing naptime for Island Boy, it occurred to me just how many different roles I take on during a typical day (discounting the days when Island Dad is gone for work-related things, which means many more roles for me to take on).

To name a few:
Wife - Self-explanatory. I do my part to run the household, and maintain our marriage. Most of my other roles fall under this one in the "chain." I will go on to explain, though, that I feel like in many capacities, this one is far and away the most important role I take on. First, while I adore my kids and would give life and limb for them, I'm not at all cut out for single parenting. Were it not for being a wife, the "Mommy" title would have driven me to the psychiatric ward awhile ago (some days more quickly than others). Second, most of my other roles wouldn't likely exist (in my case) were it not for this one.

Mommy - I make sure that the kids are happy, healthy, well-behaved, well-adjusted, and generally refrain from hurting themselves or each other.

Jungle Gym - What can I say? My kids love to climb on, jump on, and tackle me. Often randomly and without warning.

Teething Toy - Island Girl finds fingers (often other people's) particularly appealing for teething soothers. She is also not opposed to using hair, shirts, arms, knees, or anything else that is easy to reach and grab on someone else.

Naptime Enforcer - It's not really "naptime" for Island Boy anymore, but I still enforce quiet time for him. A lot of days this means having to go back into his room when he asks for a drink, but having to leave him whining when he wants to come out of his room again after only 20 minutes of "quiet" time. For Island Girl, it means I go in and replace the binky that she continually throws BEHIND her crib.

Children's Librarian - We have a fairly extensive collection of kids books. Island Boy loves being read to. He also loves pulling books off of the shelf. I am not only the one reading to him, but often also the one ensuring that the books get put back where they belong.

iPod - Island Boy has been known to request songs to be sung at random times. And the songs are never what would make sense for the location (i.e. quiet songs in a quiet department store). I try to play along when I can.

Teacher - What mom doesn't take on this role? Especially while your kids are still in the infant/toddler stage.

I'm sure if I think about it, there are many many more jobs I take on in a day. Generally speaking, I love each of them.


  1. Also, personal chef, dry cleaner, housekeeper, spa attendant, personal shopper, social coordinator, the list goes on and on and on.. :-)

  2. The list really could go on and on... and likely will keep changing as time goes on, right? Mothering deserves a LOT of credit :-)

  3. Ooh...I LOVE the spa attendant one. I hadn't ever thought of that before.
    I should probably add in addition to iPod that often I just plain-out become Kasey Casem. Island Boy's favorite thing to ask when a new song comes on the radio is "What's this song called, Mommy?" I often have to just make it up.

    Yes, the list surely will keep growing and changing. I can say that there are a few I hope will change over time, lol!