The Best Laid Plans...

Island Dad returns on Wednesday (our time)!!! I have been doing everything possible to try and kill time between now and then.

Tonight, I had a spouses club function to attend/help at. I got everything set up for a baby sitter (two, actually. They're sisters). Island Boy was BEYOND excited.

I even went so far as to put together a muffin tin meal for him to eat while the sitters were here. 

Top, l-r: star-shaped sun butter and jelly sandwich, pretzels, and sugar-free chocolate pudding (a.k.a. "chocolate dessert").
Bottom, l-r: grapes, J-shaped sun butter and jelly sandwich (J being for, um, Island Boy), and more grapes. All but the pudding cup served in Elmo muffin cups. Island Boy is a GIANT fan of the furry red monster.

I was stoked for how well it turned out. Then the sitters' mom (a friend of mine) called. She had actually forgotten to tell them about the sitting job, and then their teacher sent them home with a huge assignment.  So she was calling to offer to keep the kids at their house, so she and her husband (and their younger children) could help out. So....I packed up the Island Kids, threw the sandwiches, 1/2 of the grapes, and the pudding into a Tupperware toddler to-go plate (I did leave the sandwiches and grapes in their Elmo cups), and rushed the kids into the car.
The sitters' mom reported later that not only did Island Boy LOVE his meal, but her own kids were all really impressed, as well. Apparently the J-shaped sandwich was the icing on the cake for everyone.

But at least he got to enjoy his meal!


  1. Love all that purple! My educational background is very similar to yours :-)

  2. Love the purple too, it's my favorite! Great tin!

  3. What fun to have the muffin tin meal to go.

  4. That is so cool that the other kids liked it too! I bet it made your little man feel special :) Yummy tin, happy MTM :)

  5. Muffin tin meals do travel well. We've taken them to the park with us!