Muffin Tins and Nutrition

Here we are at yet another Muffin Tin Monday! This week's theme was the Food Pyramid.

The theme actually provided me with a good opportunity to consider what exactly Island Boy eats on a regular basis, what he needs more of, and where he's lacking altogether. He really does pretty well with grains, dairy, and fruits. He will devour fruit before just about anything else. He also loves all things carbohydrate based. Luckily for him, we tend to stick mainly with whole grains, so he's doing very well there. It is only on rare occasions (and not in our house that I can recall) that he's had just plain old white bread. He does alright with dairy, too. He loves his milk, and yogurt is a favorite of his, as well.

Proteins are a bit more of a challenge for him. He'll eat them, he just would rather eat the bread and fruit parts of meals first. But I've found that if we cut out his afternoon snack, he will devour literally just about anything we put in front of him for dinner. He INHALED some chicken enchiladas I made the other night. Faster than he's eaten anything. Ever.

Where we really hurt are vegetables. And I don't just mean Island Boy. The whole Island Family (well, maybe not Island Girl, as she will eat anything she can get to her mouth with her own two hands these days) needs to work on eating more vegetables. It's not that Island Dad and I don't like vegetables....I just somehow tend to forget to work them into my meal plan. I'm trying, though. I really am. But this is why Island Boy doesn't much care for them. He also claims to prefer them "not crunchy." This is the complete and utter opposite of me. With the exceptions of broccoli and green beans, I always prefer the raw veggies over cooked ones.

On to the meal!
Top Row (l-r): Raspberries, Heart- and Star-shaped toasted turkey and cheese sandwiches, steamed carrots
Bottom row (l-r): Plain yogurt with red sprinkles, cucumbers in ranch dip, watermelon.

Island Boy, enjoying his lunch (diving into the sandwiches).
He immediately dove into the "your-gurt," as he calls it. This surprised me, since it was, after all, plain yogurt. But the sprinkles were just enough, and he loved it! Raspberries were second. He loved the sandwiches as well. It did surprise me that he saved the watermelon for fourth. The carrots and cucumber, despite MUCH coaxing and assurance that neither were crunchy, remained uneaten. *sigh* He'll learn. Right?

Another great thing is that Island Girl has hit 8 months now, and as such, can have protein. Unfortunately, we discovered (after MTM day) that dairy might not so much agree with her. So we're back to holding off on cheese for now. But she did love the turkey and cheese sandwich bits, as well as the steamed carrot bites. So at least one of my kids loves the carrots!

Island Girl enjoying the "extras" from Island Boy's lunch.


  1. Looks like a well-rounded mix! :-)

  2. Looks like a delicious tin to me! My daughter would have gobbled it up.

  3. This looks great! I have to think about what I am serving too.

  4. yum! love the sprinkles--just a bit of color really adds a lot!

  5. I always love your MTMs!
    We are also lacking in the veggie department. A friend of mine is trying this (http://happyfoody.com/category/green-smoothies/) and I'm going to try and work it in to my next grocery shopping list.

  6. Looks yummy! My daughter is quite vegetable-unfriendly also, especially with anything green. One thing that works a treat around here though: I buy frozen spinach that is frozen into small portions, and we call it "Green Blocks". She thinks they are fantastic - we have green pancakes, green scrambled eggs, even green milkshakes. The good thing is, spinach tends to add very little flavour when used this way, but the vitamins (and the colour!) are still there.

  7. I'm with you, I'm really hoping Noah learns to love veggies some time soon. He typically complains as soon as he sees them on his plate and promptly removes them to lay them on the table. Your tin looks yummy!

  8. Studies show that kids who watch Popeye cartoons are more likely to eat spinach and veggies in general! I mostly hate cooked veggies too, but I like spinach (and tomatoes!) on pizza and in lasagna (even omelets and pancakes!) and such if its all mashed up and such, and not in big floppy leaves still. You might try swirling sweet potato puree or baby food in with yogurt to get him started (with or without sprinkles!)
    And we add all kinds of veggies to our mashed potatoes. Not only are they yummier and less bland, but the kids love the orange color (from the carrots.)

  9. Purees are definitely a good way to get some nutrition in the diet. I know I have one good eater and struggle with one picky one. I like to hide spinach puree or sweet potato/carrot purees in the kid's food. I got my inspiration from the Sneaky Chef.

  10. I do think I'm going to start shredding carrots and zucchini and working those into baking and sauces. He will (weirdly) eat broccoli with very little complaint. But that is just about the only veggie he'll eat (he would eat peas, but has a fairly severe allergy to those, so they're out).