Another Pretty Awesome Day

We've really been knocking 'em outta the park with fun activities lately!

The spouses club on our base has a playgroup that we take part in. More often than not we are at a group member's house, at tumbling on base, or at the playground. And those are all very fun activities.

Today, however, we all met up down island at Fish Eye Marine Park. Although we have heard lots and lots about it, we had yet to make it there. Fish Eye is an observation deck out in/over a coral reef. You walk out over a long boardwalk (or bridge, as Island Boy called it). You get to the observation deck, and can walk around the outside and look around at the ocean and reef views. But the real draw is inside the tower. You walk in, and walk down a fairly long set of spiraling stairs to an underwater room. It's basically a natural habitat aquarium, if that makes sense. They have 24 windows (taken from their site...I didn't actually count). The rectangular ones are up high off the ground, but the round ones, low to the ground and just the perfect height for toddlers to climb up and look out of, were the real draw for the playgroup set.

I have many many pictures like this:
Looking at a small blue fish

Checking out the coral
Island Boy's hands and nose were pressed to the glass pretty much the whole time we were there. He was mesmerized, and it was hard to get him out of there!
I'll admit, because of pictures like the following two, it was hard for me to want to leave (except for my growling stomach...), too.

School of Fish
At the feeder

After our time at Fish Eye, we decided to grab some lunch (as a group) at the Piazza cafe/restaurant (they don't have a website, or I'd direct you there). It was the perfect lunch with delicious sandwiches for moms and kids alike, and mango juice that was quite popular with the kids. My sandwich was also accompanied by a yummy balsamic salad, and the best iced tea I've found on the Island so far (and I know my iced tea)! It put me in mind of my absolute favorite restaurant in the world in DC  (if you live in the beltway area, you MUST go there. Do it for me, and then tell me about it and I will live vicariously), and also one of our very favorite places at our last assignment in North Dakota. So, needless to say, with or without Island Dad, we will be going back there. Many times.

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