Third Time's a Charm

My past attempts at blogging have been....short-lived. But now that Miss S. has arrived and Mr. J. is a little more independent, I'm hoping this third time will be a charm.

I'm aiming to use this blog to keep our family and friends on "The Mainland" updated on our life in Guam. I hope to update once or twice a week, at least to start!

One month from tomorrow we will embark to begin our time in the Marianas. As Mr. J., Miss S., and I are preparing to leave North Dakota at the end of this week, I'm experiencing levels of mixed emotions that I have never felt before. I get so excited (not to mention nervous) thinking about getting there, getting settled, making new friends, and everything else that comes with moving to a new location. I also get very, very sad to think about everything we are leaving behind: wonderful friends, relative close proximity to our families, the only place my children have known as "home" in their short lives. And then there is the extremely high anxiety level I reach when I think about 16 hours of flying (with only a 2-hour layover) with two kids under three. *shudder*

In the meantime, we get to look forward to seeing family and friends for the next few weeks, and that makes me smile :-D

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