Glimmers and Reminders

Life with a two-year-old, especially life in transition, is never ever dull. Of course, "never dull" can be both good and bad.

Last night, Mr. J. was having a difficult time staying asleep. The second time I went in to comfort him, I took a cup of water with me. He proceeded to gulp down most of it. I then asked if he wanted any more, or if he was ready to sleep. He took two more sips, then said to me, "Sleep. Mommy need a kiss for [Mr. J.]." I had no choice but to oblige, as my heart was in a sticky puddle of goo on the floor. He settled fairly quickly after that.

Today, on the other hand, has been a wonderful "two-year-old" type of day. An innocent visit to my grandparents' house resulted in 45 minutes of tantrums when we had to leave and he could no longer play the "plano" (piano) with Great-Granna. After he finally cooled down enough to eat and then take a nap, the day went much better.

It is during days like today that I work hard to remind myself of those little glimmers like last night when he is sweet as candy dipped in maple syrup and coated in sugar, because those moments make it all so worthwhile.

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