In Transition

Three days ago, the kids and I left North Dakota for the final time. We are currently staying with my parents at. At various points in our travel from ND to Pennsylvania, as well as a few times since arriving at my parents' house, Mr. J. has stated that he wants "to go home." This, of course, makes me very teary. Obviously, we no longer live at the "home" he is referring to, and we do not yet live in our new "home."

This begs the question, then, where do we live? I posed this question to Mr. I. the other day and his answer was "Well, I guess we are 'in transition'"

I'm sure this is a state that most people experience at some point in their lives, be it "in transition" from one job to the next, or "in transition" from one stage of life to the next (just to name a few examples). It can be an exciting state to live in, but also one with a great deal of uncertainty (and, for some of us, a scary state). In any type of transition, you don't really truly know what life will hold for you at "Point B" of the transition. The change may ultimately be (and, I'm guessing, usually is) a change for the better, and even a necessary one. But until you are settled at "Point B," it still does not hold the security, the day-to-day sameness that "Point A" has held.

The beauty of "Point B," however, is hope that you will find a new, and maybe better (or at the very least equal) security there. For us, we can no longer depend on cold winters and our wonderful neighbors and friends. But we can hope that we will meet new amazing friends (and get to keep the old friends, as well, of course), and we can hope that the promised nicer weather will be everything we've dreamt it would be!

For now, I get the truly wonderful task of teaching a two-year-old boy, who misses his old home so dearly, all about this hope and what our new home should be like. All the while trying to remind myself of these same lessons.

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