We've all Gone Mobile Today, it Seems.

This week's theme for muffin tin monday was "movies." After much thought and consideration, I opted for Cars as our theme.

Top, left to right: Grilled Tow Mater and cheese sandwich (in roughly the shape of a truck), pretzel "dip sticks" in "oil" (blackberry jelly), and a watermelon car (Lightning McQueen). Bottom is the same things, different configuration. Island Boy was completely in love with the pretzels and jelly, lukewarm about the watermelon (he likes it, but is not a fan of the seeds), and not fond of the sandwiches at all. Eh...you win some, you lose some, and that was a risk I took by including tomatoes, which are not one of his favorites. And, of course, that is his Cars cup you see in the background!

In her own tribute to all things mobile, Island Girl started doing something that approximates crawling today! We hosted play group here this morning, and she was down on the floor (before there were TOO many kids) playing, too. Someone dropped a brightly colored football just out of her reach, and she wanted it. Very badly. So she crunched her knees up underneath her tummy, got up on her forearms (not up on hands just yet), and thrust herself forward, several times, until she actually managed to get the football! Go Island Girl, go!!!!!


  1. Those towmater sandwiches look divine. I'm going to be seriously depressed once tomatoes are out of season until next summer. They're just so good!

  2. My girls adore watermelon but we can never seem to finish an entire one before it goes bad. I usually do not buy it for that reason. I should just get a half, or small container so they can still enjoy it.

  3. Pretzels and jelly sound great. I love the cars theme. We are at the beach this week and watched part of that movie on the hotel t.v.

    Go Island Girl go!

  4. Love the towmater sandwich idea. My girls love the tomatoes out of our garden and grilled cheese sandwich. However I haven't tried combining them for them yet. Love the idea of dipping pretzels in jelly. Gotta try it, yum.

    Two of my girls are approximately the same ages as your children. My baby was born in April and her sister was born 6/08. However they do have older siblings, one of whom is 3 years old and is also featured in my blog regularly.
    I invite you to come over to my blog for a visit when you have the chance.

  5. The Tow Mater sandwiches are super clever. Making me want a grilled cheese now. LOL Great tin!

  6. Even though Island Boy was so-so on the sandwiches, I loved them! I'm looking forward to shapes next week.