Look Out World, here Comes Island Girl!

As I mentioned two Monday's ago, Island Girl took her first scoot/crawl during playgroup that morning. Much to Island Boy's disliking, she has only gotten more coordinated, mobile, and "into things" as time has worn on.

Island Boy did not start crawling (even army crawling) until he was 10 months old. I knew Island Girl would be earlier than her brother was, but I'm not totally sure I was prepared for it to happen just yet. For instance, having a two-year-old in the house tends to cause much more "stuff" to be on the floor. I find myself fishing far more things out of Island Girl's mouth than I ever did for Island Boy. Also, Island Girl is just more curious than Island Boy was at this age. He was content to sit and watch everything around him. She, on the other hand, wants to be involved in every part of the action!

Island Boy is being forced to learn to share his toys now. This is not a bad thing at all, in my opinion, but he is not a huge fan just yet. I hear a lot of "No, [Island Girl] that's MY TOY!!!" or "No, [Island Girl], let go of my foot!!!" His feet are a particular favorite of Island Girl's. Probably because, while she loves to grab all toes, Island Boy's feet move a lot more than mine do.

There is one part of her being mobile that I had forgotten about. This other thing has both upsides and downsides. She no longer loves being held and cuddling most of the time. She would much rather spend her time exploring the floor. Upside: I have free hands to do other things. Downsides: I miss my cuddly baby, I have to watch her like a hawk (which sort of eliminates the upside, anyway), and since I don't really have the cuddly baby, I'm starting to get twinges of baby fever again (another post for another day, but no new babies here any time soon, I promise)!

It is very exciting to watch this all happen. I just wish I could slow it all down and make it last longer.


  1. Awww! I know that time is going by so quickly for the babies! It seems like you were just pregnant and we were guessing when she would be coming. And seriously, it's weird to think we all "met" over 2 years ago and have watched our LO's grow up SO much!

  2. I know! And now so many of us have new "packets," who are also growing up way too fast!

    I really can't believe that Island Girl is so close to 7 months now, and that the twins are 5 months! Before we know, we will be posting birthday pics all over again.