Valentines and Muffin Tins!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a great day with my two little Valentines, and of course with my big Valentine, as well :)

Island Boy has been getting really into holidays lately, so he was ALL about Valentines day this year! He loved all the hearts, red and pink, and expressions of love. He also thoroughly enjoyed receiving several cards in the mail from relatives, and also a gift from us.

We had our Valentine's Day muffin tin meal on Friday, and today we had pink, heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.

Top Row, L-R: Strawberries, plain yogurt with Valentine sprinkles, strawberries
Bottom Row: Three mango slices cut into heart shapes
Because it was a breakfast muffin tin this week, I went fairly simple. It was still a smashing success, as not a single morsel of anything was left (of course, Island Boy adores fruit as well as dairy products of all sorts, and if you add sprinkles, he's in heaven).

And, just to show them, here are our pancakes from this morning. It was a really basic recipe with some red/pink food coloring gel mixed in. And we had strawberry syrup, too. Both kids gobbled them up!


  1. I love the pancakes! The mango looks so yummy!

  2. Love your breakfast tin. For some reason I never think to make the tins for breakfast?

  3. I don't get up early enough (usually) to make breakfast tins! I usually get up, feed her a bowl of cereal, then get started on my lunch tin! I'm drooling for those mango hearts!

  4. It was one of those days where he was asking for one, and I just wasn't sure when we'd get to a lunch one. The breakfast wYas surprisingly easy to throw together!
    The mango was very good. Island girl devoured her fair share, as well.

  5. *Gasp!* I LOVE those pink heart pancakes!! I must try! Yum!!
    ~Rockabye Butterfly~