Tonight, my "valentine" is food. Yes, there are the obvious reasons to love food. Nourishment, sustainment, etc. But this love is more about the emotional bonds we, as an Island Family, have with food. Now, I highly doubt that I will EVER have a love affair with food like Island Dad does. For those of you who don't know him, let's just say, it's truly a testament to good metabolism (and the military's physical fitness requirements) that he's not considerably heavier than he is. The man loves. To. Eat.

For me, I'm only just discovering how much I truly love food. As I am now feeding three people besides myself, I'm constantly challenging myself to make new, amazing things that are also healthy (although, I'm also a big fan of moderation, so I did have ice cream for dessert tonight. Full fat).

Tonight, Island Boy, who has maybe eaten a green leafy vegetable once in his life, actually ate Spinach Malfatti (like gnocchi, but no potatoes). Home made, no less. And he LIKED it! Island Girl hasn't yet developed preconceived notions about foods, so she's not picky at all, but she also thoroughly enjoyed her malfatti. I was quite pleased with myself on that one!

My own diet also needs more vegetables. The more I learn about cooking them,though,  the more I'm finding that I really enjoy them (I still prefer them raw, which is better, but harder to get the kids to eat). I'm even finding myself wanting to try new vegetables like artichokes. We'll see how that one goes over with the rest of the family.

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