Fuzzy Paradise Bed & Breakfast

I mean what I'm about to say in the most polite, kindest way possible (and I truly am happy to have had my parents and then my in-laws come to visit): lately, I feel as though I'm running a Bed & Breakfast! First, my parents were here for 17 days (9 of which, my brother was also here for). They left on Monday morning (early). The housekeeper came later Monday morning and did the "big" clean (I do little cleans here and there, but it's so, so nice to have someone else do the bathrooms and floors!) Island Dad's parents arrived on Tuesday night (late). Just about 36-hour turn-over, lol.

We had a great visit with my parents and brother, and, if the rain ever lets up, the visit with Island Dad's parents should be just as great! The Island Kids are both eating up all of the attention (you know, the kind that only grandparents can give) and spoiling.

I observed the other day that Island Dad and I have both picked up different things that we've kind of become good at "tour guiding." For instance, he knows a lot of facts and figures about size of the island, population of the island, and military history of the island. I can now give a pretty good tour of the WWII sites on the island (though he knows the sites on the Naval Base a bit better than I do). I also know more about the area around the Basilica in Agana than he does, while he knows more about the southern end of the Island than I do.

Living in such a remote location, we are fortunate to even have family members who are both willing and able to visit us. We are even more fortunate that there are plenty of things to do here to keep visitors occupied, and that we enjoy finding new things to try all the time. As it turns out, being forced to act as someone else's tour guide can turn you into a pretty good tour guide quite quickly.

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