I will preface this post by saying that we still are very excited to be living on the Island, and are excited to see what adventures we will continue to have here.

That said...

Our house was broken into on Monday. Whoever it was came in through the kitchen window, which we're assuming we left unlocked, took my laptop and our portable DVD player, and left, presumably out the front door. In broad daylight. While Island Dad was at work and while the Island Kids and I were at the gym and meeting Island Dad for lunch.

We arrived back at the house, and I immediately noticed that the laptop was not where I was pretty sure I'd left it that morning. I searched the other places I usually keep it, and then called Island Dad. I searched some more obscure places (even the outside trash can, just in case) while on the phone with him, before finally giving in and calling the police. The officer they sent over was as helpful as possible, but basically said what I assumed he would: He filed a report, but it was unlikely that we'd see the laptop again (I didn't even notice the missing DVD player until the next morning).

Island Dad's boss let him come home early on Monday, which was good. Not so much in that I needed help dealing with the police, etc., but more in that as soon as the police officer left, I kind of went into "shut down" mode, and I'm not sure that I could have handled the Island Kids by myself that day.

There are several things we are thankful for throughout this: First and foremost, we are all safe and unharmed. Second, they didn't take the TV (amazingly), which was in the same room, or the regular DVD player, or the Wii. It was just those two things. Third, there was no forced entry, and the house wasn't ransacked, so that Island Boy (especially him) is fairly unaware of what happened, and he still feels secure in our house.

I wish I could say the same for Island Dad and myself. We are having a security system installed tomorrow. For the time being, we have wood blocks blocking all the windows (which isn't totally fool proof, but it's something), a wood block stopping the door whenever we are home, and will be installing a dead bolt on the door. We even considered a dog, although ultimately decided against it.

Even with all of this, I jump at any noise that is even slightly weird right now. Island Dad called me this morning to have me move my van out to the driveway (signifying that someone was home), as when he was leaving for work, he spotted someone walking near the house, probably on the way to a nearby work site, but he wanted to be safe. That phone call left me feeling very unsettled. Not that I particularly enjoyed getting up in the middle of the night, or walking through the dark house to start with, but I hate it even more now (I do it because it's still preferable to, say, not feeding the screaming baby).

The thought of someone being in the house without our permission and when we weren't here creeps me out to no end. Now, after we've been out and are heading back home, it's always running through my head "Oh, no....what am I going to find this time? Will there be more things missing? The house ransacked? Someone IN the house?"

None of this feels pleasant. I hope that the security system helps Island Dad and I both to feel normal again. Soon.


  1. I am so sorry that happened to you guys! My IL's house was broken into once and they have had an alarm system ever since. MIL says it really does help her feel more secure! Hope it helps you!!

  2. Yikes! Sorry to hear this bad news. Our neighbors had two break-ins in 1992. I didn't think it really affected me but I recently unearthed a school project about the Presidential election. It asked, what is one thing the President should do? I stated that they should catch all burglars (only I spelled it brglrs). My brother (7 at the time) started having more frequent nightmares and ended up most nights in my parents bed.

    I hope the security system adds to your peace of mind and hopefully Island Boy continues to be unaware.