It all started so innocently....

Yesterday, we had a great day. We went to the beach. Island Dad and I did a dive while the kids stayed back with a friend of ours.

We went out to lunch with our friends, and the kids all had a great time. Towards the end of lunch, though, Island Boy started whimpering and making that noise that, when you hear it, you think "Ok, I really should know what that noise means. What does it mean, what does it mean?!" And then as soon as you figure it out, BAM! 

And thus, the beginning of what I've been calling Pukefest 2010. Island Boy is, thankfully, better today. But not before taking down Island Dad and Island Girl with him. Thankfully, Island Dad is not wanting to really be around anyone (including me) today, so has been good about staying in the bedroom (I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight!). Island Girl, though, has been so sick! She couldn't keep anything down this morning. We did, thankfully, finally get some Pedialyte into her, and now she's been napping for over 2 hours. Hopefully this will all help. Amazingly, through it all, she's been her normal happy self (except for right before she's going to throw up). Even more amazing in light of the fact that tooth #4 popped through the gum last night.

Here's hoping that all three of them are back to normal tomorrow, and hoping even more that I don't get sick in between (knock on wood). Island Dad has to go in to the office tomorrow, and I'd really like to not be feeling like crap when he has to leave me with two active kids again!

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  1. Hoping you are all feeling better soon with your family arriving!